Monday, 27 June 2011

Tears in Bottle Book Review

Becky Taylor lies in a secluded recovery room of an abortion clinic when she hears a man’s angry voice, then gunshots amid cries of terror. Lying still behind the curtain, she holds her breath in fear. But the silence that follows reveals the icy truth: She’s the only one left alive…
If you’re a wee bit squeamish on abortion details then I wouldn’t recommend reading this book. However, if you’re after a wonderful portrayal of the truth, then I would read this masterpiece cover to cover a few times over. In saying that, it’s probably not ‘bloke’s book’ (whatever that stereotype is) so if you’re a male then it may not appeal to you. For most females for whom the whole area of pregnancy and motherhood can often be quite an important part of their lives, then go ahead, pick it up and start your journey.

Tears In A Bottle describes the anguish of a young girl with somebody else’s morals forced upon her, the gradual hardening of a doctor’s heart towards women, the heartache of a middle-aged woman who will never be able to bear children, through to the path of a lost soul bent on revenge at all costs. A story of unconditional love battling merciless evil. A tale of peer pressure and living up to unrealistic expectations. Justice, freedom, value and worth. Things you cannot put a price-tag on.

For those who have struggled with the guilt of having an abortion, those who are contemplating it as an option, or even those who simply want to find out more about the issue, then I highly recommend this book.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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