Friday, 30 December 2011

Product review: Herbal Essences Set me up mousse

Set me up range
Lily bliss fragrance mousse

I'm not really a huge fan of mousses or unnatural products in general. but if you can go to the trouble of using it properly, it's well worth the effort. After towel drying your hair, use a small amount of the mousse and run through hair then using a 'finger style' diffuser and low heat on your hair dryer without using your hands. I don't normally bother with a hair dryer but it certainly makes your hair stay in place all day. No frizzies or flyaways :) And the scent is amazing. So if you like mousses then this would definitely be one to try!

Product review: Just Juice Summer Strawberry & Kiwifruit

Just Juice Summer Strawberry & Kiwifruit

Mmm this was a very refreshing drink. The strawberry flavour was a bit stronger than the kiwifruit which is the right way around because you don't get an acidic aftertaste from the kiwifruit. It goes down very smoothly. Delicious, refreshing & perfect sweetness. My husband fell in love with it from the first mouthful. Perhaps I should be worried...

Product review: Just Juice Sunkissed orange

Product review of Just Juice orchard range...

The first one of these juices we tried was the sunkissed orange. To be perfectly honest, it tasted just like any other orange juice out there on the market. I couldn't taste anything special about it. Perhaps it wasn't quite as strong or heavy as others (which is a good thing). It did however taste a whole lot better when drunk out of a glass rather then straight from the bottle! So for those who like the just juice range then this is a great option for your standard orange drink.


Product Review: 5 grain cereal range, Be natural

Product Review:
Cashew, almond, hazelnut & coconut

This cereal has to be right up there with my all time favourite cereal, Sanitarium Toasted Muesli. Crunchy, full of flavour, sweet but not sickening, lots of coconut and nuts. Probably if I wanted to be really picky, I could say that adding cashews into a so called 'healthy' cereal is a bit of an oxymoron as cashews are right up there with being the worst type for you. If they added brazil nuts instead that would be great. The flavours of the nut are only subtle anyway and could do with a bit more intensity as well as more coconut. However it is very tasty and I have been enjoying it over the Christmas period. Great texture and a must for every family home as this is one I'm sure even the kids will enjoy :)

Product Review: Be natural 5 grain cereal

So we got sent these goodies in the post just before Christmas. I'll be doing a few reviews over the next couple of weeks when I get time.

The first one is for the new Be Natural range of cereals. I quite like a good bran cereal and it helps knowing that this one is packed full of goodness without the unnecessary sugar like most cereals these days seem to have. It was a bit bland & would probably take some getting used to on its own (unless you load it with sugar which of course really defeats the point of a healthy cereal), but most bran cereals are quite bland unless they add sultanas. I usually have them with fresh fruit and greek yoghurt to liven them up.

So overall, a great texture, not too sweet. I would definitely have this in my cupboard. 8/10