Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Merino PJs...

So I have finally finished ONE of my projects yay!! I have found that with all the pjs in the store, it is always a mission to find any that fit Master T properly as he has very short legs and arms but is wide and chubby and uses cloth nappies :) so I endeavored to make my own. Besides that, the merino ones are always super expensive and who wants to spend 30 odd dollars on some clothes that will only last maybe 2months at most! Not me. So I found some cheap merino fabric on trademe and used a pattern a friend gave me (yay for spotlight having freebies). They turned out pretty good in my humble opinion and they are a tailor made fit!

More makings to come...


  1. well done on the sewing skillz Rach

  2. So impressed Rach - well done!!

  3. :) thanks guys!! It's not perfect but it fits him yay