Monday, 27 June 2011

Messiah, The First Judgement Book Review

The Chronicles Of Brothers trilogy traces three archangel brother, Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer, and their harrowing journey from the flawless world of the palace chambers in the first heaven through Lucifer’s banishment with his fallen host to Perdition. Only one can put a stop to Lucifer’s malevolent plans, Lucifer’s arch adversary, the Nazarene.
This is the second novel in Wendy Alec’s Chronicles of Brothers series, and in my opinion, much better than the first book (click here to read the review of ‘The Fall of Lucifer’).

Compelling, at times heart-wrenching and extremely challenging, Wendy Alec takes you on a journey that is like no other; the story of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for his beloved race of men. She weaves a complex tapestry of descriptions of fallen angels, the Nazarene, Christos, the angels, and man.

The only issues I had with this book is that it is incredibly wordy, in that it uses big words that most ‘normal’ people wouldn’t typically bring up in everyday conversation. Keep a dictionary beside you because I guarantee you will need it! Also I found it jumped a little too often between eras.  I simply could not keep up and found it a little difficult to follow the storyline. Apart from that, this is an incredibly well-written story of the battle between Lucifer and the Nazarene and the Christos’s one act of love towards his favorite species.

 Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Click here to visit Alec’s Chronicle of Brothers site.

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