Monday, 27 June 2011

Nephilim Book Review

Two years ago, Art “Mac” Mackenzie was a respected newspaper journalist with a wonderful family and a great future. Now he lives by himself, eking out an existence as a freelance writer. His faith in God, humanity, and virtually everything else is gone. What’s left is a pile of bills and the ache of his eldest son’s death. Enter a woman in a psychiatric ward, with an off-the-wall story of how aliens abducted her, created a baby within her, and later stole it. From her seemingly twisted account springs the potential media story of the century . . . and more trouble than Mac has ever imagined. In this engrossing page-turner, Mac follows his story to Israel, where he comes across the remains of one of the Nephilim: an ancient biblical giant, sired by demons and born of human women. Mac’s encounter is just the tip of a terrifying supernatural iceberg — for the Nephilim are back on earth. And Mac has stumbled onto their secret. Nephilim winds from the Holy Land to the Nevada desert, through mind-numbing dangers and choices that will affect the future of the human race. Just one hope stands between Mac and destruction: the power of the risen Messiah. But can it save Mac and his children from the evil spiritual forces that spawned the Nephilim? Or fulfill his agonizing quest for meaning and purpose in life? Nephilim. Giants. Aliens.

Fact or Fiction?
I personally find the topic of aliens/UFOs/extra-terrestrial life very fascinating so this book had me intrigued right from just looking at the front cover. In my opinion, Marzulli really knows how to write a good story. I loved his in-depth description of all his characters, how he described all of their emotions; anger, laughter, fear, loneliness, envy and hate (to name just a few) in an open and realistic way. You feel as if you could be a part of the story and any of the circumstances could happen to you in real life.

He has done his research superbly well and the theories that he presents are unfortunately, scarily believable and enough to put fear in to any self-respecting person’s heart. However, being a Christian author, he certainly doesn’t leave the reader without hope.

I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t put the book down. With some excellent twists, some sober moments and some intense action, I believe this book has something in it to satisfy everyone: Sci-fi, action, thrills, romance and drama all intertwined with a blatant Christian worldview.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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