Friday, 9 March 2012

Things I'm loving...

So this post is several months if not longer overdue eek! I had no idea one could be so busy.

I am joining in with the super talented Paisley Jade

Loving morning coffee in my starbucks cup.
Not very healthy with the marshmallows and chocolate on the top but hay :) 

Loving not so much the messes I have to clean up while Master T is sleeping... and this is just one portion of one room! Eek :) I love my boy

Loving surprise outings just coz and scrummy handmade wraps from my spesh
Love you sweetie

Loving that we have amazing views like this even at our 'worst' beaches

Loving having a little spare time to create gifts for people

These are educational 'number' mini bean bags all made from scraps of material

And that's me for now :)
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