Monday, 26 September 2011

My fabulous weekend

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Is it cold today or what? Or maybe it's just me. I feel like winter has returned again, but then I look out my window and see this
and I know it's definitely still spring.

I had a tiring, but wonderful weekend. Coffee with friends at the excellent Nectar! Great customer service. Even when we were the last ones there and we knew they wanted us to leave so they could clean up, we didn't get asked or even any dirty looks AND they cleaned up the mess my lovely 9month old made. IE, a lot! Without complaining, and with a smile. The food was incredible as was the coffee even if it was a bit small for my liking. I only have a pic from their website. I don't seem to carry my camera at convenient times.

A friend came over on Saturday night while hubby was away in Auckland for the France v All Blacks game. Enjoyed a salmon steak with a barley, brocolli and orange salad. Sounds like a weird combo but was delicious! 

It was quite ironic that I watched two Johnny Depp movies - Rango & The Tourist and the one I thought I was going to enjoy I didn't, while the other I thought would be filled with swearing & violence wasn't. Rango was super strange and definitely not a kids movie like I thought it would be. And the Tourist was surprisingly good. Not cliche, had a great twist at the end, very clean with little swearing with only one blasphemy. Incredible. Hardly any movies that I know of like that these days. Needless to say I watched it again today while Master T slept.
Hubby created this for me on Sunday night
And I had fun turning foccacia dough into olive & herb pita pockets for our shrimp & chicken stir fry dish. Delicious!

How was your weekend?

Monday, 5 September 2011

For the sake of a post

Crazy busy weeks lately and both me and the boy have been sick :( but we had a fabulous parenting tips night on Saturday which the beautiful and talented Paisley Jade organised.

This is a terrible pic of me and the boy but never mind. Hehe deliberately deleted the one that shows off my unflattering belly. I have been trying my hand at drafting patterns. It's definitely not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm on the right track I think. These pants are the first attempt. Anyone know of any good books on pattern drafting?

These were made using an easy chocolate cake recipe and simply pouring the mixture into silicone muffin cases. Yum!

Master T is on the move! First crawling steps today. Nothing has been safe for awhile now (ever since he could roll over), but it's going to get worse I know. Wish he could of delayed it just a few more months hehe our house just isn't ready for a crawling bubba!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Things I'm loving!

I'm loving coming home from a fun night out
Bye Leonie-we will miss you!
 and seeing this on the table... I have the bestest hubby ever and he's all MINE! Hehe :)

Getting ready to sing/play guitar again for our Youth Church after probably a 9month sabbatical haha
eeek nervous much!

That's about all I have pictures of :) but I'm thankful for heaps of things