Friday, 30 December 2011

Product Review: Be natural 5 grain cereal

So we got sent these goodies in the post just before Christmas. I'll be doing a few reviews over the next couple of weeks when I get time.

The first one is for the new Be Natural range of cereals. I quite like a good bran cereal and it helps knowing that this one is packed full of goodness without the unnecessary sugar like most cereals these days seem to have. It was a bit bland & would probably take some getting used to on its own (unless you load it with sugar which of course really defeats the point of a healthy cereal), but most bran cereals are quite bland unless they add sultanas. I usually have them with fresh fruit and greek yoghurt to liven them up.

So overall, a great texture, not too sweet. I would definitely have this in my cupboard. 8/10

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