Monday, 22 August 2011

Lunch in Birkenhead...

The day finally arrived - bright and cheery even. We had meant to leave Whangarei by 8:30 at the latest in order to drop hubby off in Howick and be back in Birkenhead by midday. Well of course, planning a day with a baby doesn't help get things packed very quickly. We ended up leaving at 9 & forgot the two most important things - the portacot and the previously expressed breastmilk! By the time we realised this, it was far too late to turn back.
I had fun turning this...
Into this
 Here is the final name badge made with love especially for Penny from 'My Spirited baby'

 Sorry for the terrible photo - I swiped it from PJ :)

On we chugged on this glorious day. I found myself getting more nervous and more shy as it came closer to the time. I had seen a few photos online and checked out most of the blogs before but only knew two people at the event. After dropping off Master T (8mnths) off at his uncles house along with the hubby and MIL, I got back in the car to make the drive. I finally arrived at the Mediterranean not long after 12. Thankfully the restaurant was pretty easy to find - I don't think I would have coped with the day if I had gotten lost!

Well all the people were lovely and friendly and I had a wonderful time. The restaurant staff were amazing as was the food. I don't have any photos as was too bummed to bring my old point and shoot along hehe everyone was pulling out flash SLR Canons left right and centre so it's just as well I think! So nice to meet everyone and put a real face to the blog. 

We headed back to Whangarei that night and arrived around 10:30pm. Needless to say a long day, but highly worth it. To top the weekend off, my wonderful man cooked breakfast, lunch AND dinner for me on Sunday and we celebrated with a teddy bears picnic on our deck...

The end result
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  1. Fantastic to meet you Rachel! You really need to come along to our Whangarei bloggers get togethers!! Would love to see you more often!!

  2. :) you too Tracy!! Yeah I'm too chicken to invite myself along haha but will definitely come to the next one

  3. So glad you could come Rach and I am soooo loving your teddy bears picnic pics!!!

  4. Great job on the name badge Rachel, and love the teddy bears picnic - great idea!

  5. Stace - thank you! :) wish you were here to take better pics hehe all the best for your OE!

  6. Hi Rachel it was lovely to meet you! we are having a whangarei get together next week...before I leave for Oz... I'll make sure you get all the details so you can come too!!!

  7. What a lovely post Rachel - it was so lovely to sit across from you at lunch - and hey I had a point n shoot camera LOL but I totally get camera envy there were some serious camera at lunch and oh me oh my wasn't the food amazing! Hope to see you at more bloggy get to gethers soon xxx

  8. Glad you could make it. You did such a great job on those name tags.

  9. Oh what a lovely idea! Wish I'd known, I'm a blogger in Auckland. How do i find out about these for next time?