Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Blogger meet up

So I haven't blogged in like, forever it seems! I feel like I am so busy. But, I am super excited for this weekend!! We are having a blogger meet up in Auckland and having never been to one before it's going to be so exciting I think! We get to make nametags for a blogger we don't know :)
If all goes to plan, here's a little sneak preview...
And that's all you're getting! I hope you like the end result Penny :)

Here's something else I've had a chance to whip up..
Super cute pincushion
  I found this pants pattern here and decided to give them a go. Will have to adapt them slightly for Master T, but I think they turned out rather cute. What do you think?

We visited our local cafe last weekend... Just love the table numbers. The downside is they are always packed & their high chairs aren't very good. But they make really nice coffee, have great indoor AND outdoor seating areas, great friendly service & their carrot cake is divine.
What have you been up to this week?


  1. I will be at the meetup also!! First time meeting everyone as well :) So excited!!

    'heads off to read more of your blog'

  2. Yay!! So excited that you are coming Rach... and I love what you've been making! The shorts are so cute.

  3. where is that coffee joint? See you saturday!

  4. Lovely blog - just found it : )

    Found a similar pattern for little boys pants (with pockets on the outside) on

  5. Hi!! So you are responsible for that gorgeous name tag of Penny's in the group photo! Clever!!