Friday, 14 October 2011

Things I'm loving!

Linking up with the fabulous Paisley Jade...
 So thankful that we got to go away for our anniversary for a few days last weekend. Even if we had to take Master T with us & spent most of the time traveling, it was still a much needed break for us. Hubby's grandma (who is the only grandparent still alive between us) got to meet Mister Sunshine & we caught up with heaps of his relatives in Tauranga plus my brother in Te Aroha. Yay!

Loving this new 'scone' recipe I've found... Click here for the recipe

Hubby thoughtfully bought me some flowers in our wedding colours (although he didn't realise that they were until I pointed it out hehe). Roses & orchids - they last a long time too!

Loving that it is a teeny bit better weather today and I might actually be able to get some washing dry again.
What things are you loving?


  1. (How spooky is it that I was about to comment on your blog, when I got notification that you'd commented on mine?!)
    Those scones look REALLY good, might have to give them a try. Love your flowers - very pretty. A late happy anniversary to you :)

  2. Love the pic of you and Tyler together. :-)

  3. Those scones look yum and sweet man for buying you flowers!!

  4. sounds like you had a great trip away

  5. Beautiful pic of you and bubs. Sounds like a fab time away.

  6. I couldn't find an email to respond to your comment about the tie shorts. I ended up cutting ties that were longer-the pattern seemed to be too short. It took a bit of trial and error because the instructions weren't clear. Once I sewed the round part on the outside I just sewed the ties on and finished off the edges.