Thursday, 12 May 2011

Things I'm loving!

I love it when my baby sleeps for awhile giving me time to do things. Ahh he looks so content while sleeping

Sleeping for longer than 45 minutes

 Starting solids yay. I'm not sure how much actually goes into his mouth but he's sleeping through the night again now!!
Solids :)

 His new toy that keeps me happy while I'm cooking dinner
Jolly Jumper fun!

My little man. I'm so proud of him

I have never liked hot cross buns, but found this recipe and am loving how easy they are to make!
Hot cross buns with pretty patterns

Chocolates and a hand made card from my husband son. A nice mother's day surprise
Mother's day choccies

Getting my 'make' on with all these cool fabrics. Photos to come soon
Loads of new fabric to get creative with

Making my own nappies because I haven't yet found a nappy I'm 100% happy with. We'll see how long it takes before I can present one that works for me.
Fun with cloth nappies

What are you loving?


  1. Just checking to make sure the comments are working :)

  2. Jealous much about that lovely mothers day card!
    Little fella must've been hungry...chubby chops!

  3. What a lovely list. My little boy loved his Jolly Jumper too. It's a shame he's now too big for it at 12 months old. Love the handmade cards. What a lucky mum you are. x

  4. :) yes they are great! Especially so I can cook without him crying!! Thanks